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you like arcade fire. you're great.


Sounds like you like them too. You’re also great!




someone I’ve been in a mutual on twitter with for honestly years has just laid into Oxbridge people all being privileged twats who hold their university over other people and has now gone on to say that it’s easy…

Thanks for the lovely messages. You’re all kind, compassionate and brilliant people!

Tomorrow is my uncle’s funeral, then Friday the wedding rehearsal before my sister’s wedding on Saturday. Oh life…


Harlech Castle, Wales

Spectacularly sited Harlech Castle seems to grow naturally from the rock on which it is perched. Like an all seeing sentinel, it gazes out across land and sea, keeping a watchful eye over Snowdonia.

© Matt Clark

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I’m getting an alarming number of emails telling me about safe and easy ways to enlarge my penis.

Is this in your Oxford Nexus? I get so many of these. Or maybe that’s why they call it SExeter College…

Alas, not Nexus - I got a few emails in…

Lucky for some - my Oxford junk email section is a wide and joyful selection of messages destroying my self-confidence. Not once have I been told that I ‘vulcanize’ my partner well enough. And how can I truly know if she is ‘chuffed’? Will my partner ever tell me she’s chuffed, unless she’s a member of the upper classes from the 19th century? 

Love washing, I will always search for you.

“The judgement I have come to is that not only is he not a genius; he is intellectually as undistinguished as it is possible to be.”
— F.R. Leavis, Two Cultures? The Significance of C. P. Snow
“If confidence in oneself as a master-mind, qualified by capacity, insight and knowledge, to pronounce authoritatively on the frightening problems of our civilization, is genius, then there can be no doubt about Sir Charles Snow’s”
FR Leavis, Two Cultures? The Significance of CP Snow (1962)